Perfect 10/10 Must Watch Hollywood Movies For Your Sunday Family Jam

After yet another happening week, it’s time to unwind and recharge but in #SaffronStaysSunday style. And what better way to do it than with an entertaining movie marathon with the fam! Laugh out loud to the comical scenes and bond over the heartfelt ones. 

Gather your family and pop that corn, here are our top 10 Hollywood movie recommendations that will make this Sunday a memorable one! Watch one or watch all, we leave that to you!

1. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

What’s in a name? Well, everything! Centred around a quirky inventor whose entire life revolves around his imperfect shrinking machine, his family’s concern is certainly justified. Like we know, too much of anything can be hazardous right? But in this case, also hilarious. His children along with the neighbour’s kid accidentally get shrunk and what follows is a whirlwind of an adventure that you just shouldn’t miss.

Watch it here.

2. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

There is no greater power than knowledge. A heartwarming story based on real-life events of a young boy in a distant African village whose only passion in life is learning how to build or fix things. Watching his family suffer in poverty, barring all obstacles and fighting all odds, he uses his knowledge and skill to find his solution.

Watch it here.

3. Marley And Me

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his”. 

A middle-class family adopt a cute furry friend to gauge their readiness of having children. Like every family, they too have their ups and downs. If you are a pet lover (and even if not), we highly recommend this movie for a family watch.

Watch it here.

4. Maleficent

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Young love is based only on feelings but the obstacles are yet to come. Between a man with an unending hunger for power and a powerful fairy who will protect her realm at all costs, Maleficent is full of twists and turns right up until the end. Does love triumph or evil? Watch this movie to find out!

Watch it here.

5. Sound Of Music

Based on an actual incident, this musical lore will forever be a classic. What initially starts as a broken bond between a father and his children, goes on to become the love story of a family. What bridges this gap you ask? Of course, the most powerful sound in the world- music! Togetherness, kindness and love can get you through everything, even war.

Watch it here.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

With a rather simple yet sweet plot, this movie will take you on a journey of a ‘Family’. Starring the lovable Robin Williams, the story revolves around a man reeling from the aftermaths of his divorce, determined to succeed as a father. His hysterical transformation determined to achieve that goal of spending time with his loved ones will truly warm your heart.

Watch it here.

7. Jumanji

While everyone may not believe in magic-it is a treat to watch it happen. When you add a magical board game to this mix, it cooks up to be one rollercoaster of a movie! 2 siblings who stumble upon a jungle-themed magical board game, unwittingly release a man who has been trapped in there for 26 years. Follow this group on their adventure of finishing the game once and for all.

Watch it here.

8. We Bought A Zoo

A movie that teaches us to value family, accept circumstances and appreciate the people who love us- “We bought a zoo” is a family watch to lift up your spirits on a Sunday after a stressful week. Centred on the story of a father and his kids who are starting afresh by purchasing a house & the zoo next to it, this earnest and down-to-earth movie teaches you that 20 seconds of insane courage is all it takes to transform.

Watch it here.

9. Pursuit Of Happyness

Adapted from the memoir of Christopher Gardner, this is a true story of marriage, struggles and fatherhood. Preaching the motto, “Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t do something”, follow a single father on his journey of rags to riches while taking care of his little 5-year old son.

Watch it here.

10. Interstellar

It’s the year 2067. Humans are struggling, dust storms threaten humanity and the earth is nearly uninhabitable. Amidst this, a group of astronauts set out on a mission to find a home in space. Travelling through a wormhole near Saturn, this sci-fi will take you on an unimaginable adventure that goes beyond all the “what-if’s” you could ever think of.

Watch it here.

At times, life can get monotonous and admittedly we all could do with a small escape from reality. We hope these movies can be that escape for you and your family.

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