Responsible Guest

SaffronStays aims at providing an authentic travel experience with its private vacation homes. This experience can be truly memorable for you and your Friends if you successfully follow these responsible guest guidelines. These are just some guidelines which will ensure that you have an amazing experience.

1. Adhering to house rules

Your Host has a set of rules listed with their accommodation listing that you should check before make a booking. Once you book an accommodation, it is understood that you have agreed to follow the house rules. As a responsible Guest, you are expected to:

  • Refrain from flouting house rules so that you have a pleasant experience with your Host.
  • Not indulge in substance abuse during your stay at a Host accommodation. Even if your Host allows you to smoke or drink, dispose of the leftover carefully with their guidance.
  • Not bring any guests who you have not booked for, to the accommodation for stay.
  • Ask the Host directly if you have doubts about anything, or you are not sure.
  • Inform the Host in advance about your eating arrangements, if you have availed of meal services and opt to eat out anytime.
  • Inform your Host beforehand if you intend to spend the night outside the accommodation as it might worry them. If they find you missing, they might inform SaffronStays or the local police station out of worry. Rather than going through this ordeal, it is better to inform.
  • Many Indian families do not encourage consumption of pork/beef in their house even if they are ok with meat/fish/eggs. Check with your hosts.

At SaffronStays, we believe that there is no issue that cannot be sorted with talks. For any travel issue that arises with your Host, try and talk it out with your Host before raising the travel issue with us.

3. Maintaining Hygiene

Most of the accommodations listed in SaffronStays are homestays and B&B's which, unlike larger hotels, do not have a huge housekeeping staff. So, it is your responsibility to maintain hygiene at the accommodation.

  • Do not litter in your room or common areas. Acquaint yourself with the proper disposal methods.
  • Take instructions from your Host family if you intend to wash your own laundry or ask them for help to find out a reliable laundry place.
  • If travelling with pets, ensure they do not litter in the premises / neighbourhood. Ask your Hosts for pet rules.

5. Neighbourhood obligations

Along with maintaining decorum at your Host accommodation, you are also expected to act responsibly in the neighbourhood. Do not indulge in any activity that will cause trouble for your Host.

  • Do not enter in any kind of physical or verbal abuse in the neighbourhood. If there is any issue that needs attention, take your Host's help in resolving it or inform the local police.
  • Do not enter in any unlawful activities in the neighbourhood when staying with a Host.

2. During check-in

As SaffronStays guests, co-operation of the highest level is expected from you. During the check-in process you need to take care of the following things:

  • Host may require you to provide copy of your identification papers like passport, or other government issued ID proof. Your Host may need to deposit this with the local police station as per guidelines applicable to such Hosts. Please co-operate with your Host.
  • If you choose a listing where the payment option is 'cash on arrival' and/or the host has prescribed a security deposit, ensure you carry adequate cash.
  • Ask for emergency contact numbers of the Host or his representative.

4. Using Host amenities

Before booking an accommodation, take a look at the amenities provided by the Host at the site. Make sure you use them wisely and leave them in working condition.

  • When using Host amenities like water and electricity, make sure you use them wisely not just for monetary constraints but also for environmental concerns. Don't leave taps running or appliances switched on when you don't need them.
  • When using amenities like electrical appliances, ask your Host for directions of use if you are not sure.
  • If you are staying in a shared room or a private room, check what common facilities you have access to like the kitchen, living room, dining area, etc.
  • In a homestay especially, whilst staying with the Host and/or his family, be sure to check what kitchen provisions you can have access to and what you need to pay for.

6. Reviews

Do not forget to share your experience with fellow travellers at SaffronStays by putting up a review about your Host and your overall experience.

  • Write reviews within 30 days of your departure from the booked accommodation and let fellow travellers know about the accommodation.
  • If you don't follow the Responsible guest guidelines, your Host could rate you low on the Trust Meter or write a negative review about you, lowering your chances of securing bookings in the future.

* SaffronStays reserves the right to take such corrective or other action relating to a Listing on the
website or against a Host at its sole discretion for the protection of the SaffronStays community.