Policy centre

Precautions and Policies for COVID-19

Keeping You Safe: Preventive Measures Taken By SaffronStays
  • In homes where different groups may have to share a pool, the pool will be inaccessible as per govt guidelines.
  • In-room dining facilities to be explored in homes where guests may share dining areas with other guests (special cases).
  • No pre-opened cards or Uno sets will be placed in the home. Guests can buy (SS Branded) cards at MRP.
  • No board games or foosball tables to be placed in common areas. Guests can get their games.
  • Gym (if available) to be kept shut until further notice.
  • Table tennis, cricket set, football, badminton will be available for guest use and must be sanitised thoroughly after every booking.
  • Books will not be accessible until further notice.
  • Snack jars will no longer be placed in common areas. Guests will be offered unopened packets of biscuits/chips, upon request.

At the time of Booking
  • All guests must disclose any symptoms and travel history of the previous 14 days.
  • Full disclosure in case there is any international guest.
  • All Guests must have the Aarogya Setu app downloaded and set-up on their phones.
  • Contactless- check-in:  Guests will be sent a universal URL via WhatsApp after booking confirmation. Every guest will have to provide his/her phone number, email ID, photo ID and travel history before check-in.
  • SaffronStays holds the right to cancel a booking if the Universal URL is found incomplete or filled incorrectly.
At Check-In
  • Guests must show the Aarogya Setu app screen at the time of check-in. In case any guest is deemed as high-risk, the group will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The temperature of all guests will be checked at the entry point. If any guest shows a temperature above 99.1℉, the entire group will be asked to leave immediately, local authorities will be notified and the home will be sealed.
  • Every guest will have to sanitise their hands before entering the home.
  • Security Deposit to be paid online at the time of booking.
  • Guest to witness sanitisation of the pool, and allowed access only 4 hours after treatment.
During Stay
  • Hand sanitisers will be placed in all common areas for guest use.
  • Guests can also buy face masks and gloves at MRP.
  • We will serve only hot, home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients sourced from the garden (if applicable) or the local market. All fruits and veggies will be thoroughly washed with potassium permanganate diluted with water.
  • Guests will have restricted access or no access to the kitchen.

Before Check-In
  • All common spaces, rooms and bathrooms will be disinfected before check-in with industrial-grade disinfectants.
  • Switches, handles and furniture will be sanitised with industrial-grade phenolic disinfectant.
  • The kitchen and sink area will be disinfected with Dettol multi-purpose disinfectant spray, lime and vinegar.
  • All washrooms to be equipped with liquid soap dispensers
During Booking
  • All Guests will be welcomed with a traditional namaste only.
  • Caretakers and staff must maintain social distancing norms throughout a booking.
  • All staff must wear masks, gloves and protective gear at all times.
  • Pool to be sanitised with chlorine in front of guests, upon their arrival.
  • Fruits that need to be peeled are safer to offer.
  • The dining area will be sanitised before and after every meal, and common areas will be sanitised twice a day using a phenolic disinfectant.
  • All used crockery, cutlery and vessels, to be sanitised with soap solution immediately after use.
  • Room linen to be changed before every check-in, once in two days in case of longer stays and provided upon request.
After Check Out
  • Clear out used bed sheets, towels and trash immediately after guests check out.
  • Every bathroom will be sanitised and locked after check out.
At All Times
  • All caretakers will have their temperature checked twice a day and readings noted in a register. Any employee with a recorded temperature above 99.1℉ will be asked to take mandatory leave.
  • All caretakers will have the Aarogya Setu app downloaded on their mobiles, and daily readings to be noted along with attendance in a register.
  • Staff training once a week on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.