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About Leisure Home Network

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A collection of hand-picked villas, vacation homes and heritage bungalows, measured to international standards for the discerning traveller. Each home is carefully chosen and the experience, hand-crafted.


    Your vacation home is your ticket to first-of-its-kind Leisure Home Network. A network of homes owned by the privileged few.


    Use earnings from your Leisure Home to get free stays and discounts in the Network


    You’ve put in time, money and love in building your Home. Now sit back and enjoy hassle-free maintenance of your Home.

The Benefits

True Value of your Home

Your second home investment/ ancestral home need not remain a dead investment or a financial drain.

Attract The Right Guests

We attract like-minded guests, who respect your home and treat it as their own.

Build your brand

Each home has a unique identity that mirrors the personality of the Home Owner and refined taste.

Pay as per Performance

We make money, when you make money. Till then, the branding and marketing of your home is on us!


Only a selected number of homes are invited in any given destination to ensure that each of our Leisure Homes receives the exposure and attention it deserves.


Get real time updates about bookings and upgrades undertaken.

Leisure Home Network

1865 built heritage Bungalow, Ooty

Coming Soon! Built in 1865, this heritage bungalow is steeped in history. Raised wooden flooring, fireplaces that actually work, antiques across the house, a beautiful garden around this house, serene surroundings - transport you to another era.

Thanjavur-style stone heritage house, Kodai

Coming Soon! A 1930 built Thanjavur architecture inspired, stone house, built by a Tamil Brahmin family, spread across a 9 acre wooded section of Kodaikanal - far from its maddening crowds.

Calvin and Hobbes, Lavasa

Two large bungalows with a stunning view of the lake & mountain as its backyard. Perfect for large family outings, reunions, small function, etc

Meet The Team

Devendra Parulekar, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Hacker,

Devendra Parulekar

Co-Founder, Growth and Technology

MBA by training, ex-Partner and Practice Leader - Cyber Security, in EY for more than 16 years, Deven has joined SaffronStays as a Co-Founder and Chief Growth Hacker. Prior to this, he was the chief mentor and investor to SaffronStays.

Tejas Parulekar

Co-Founder, Operations and Finance

Chartered Accountant by training and banker by profession, Tejas left her cushioned corporate job to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship.

Sanjay Mehta

Mentor, Lead Investor

Sanjay is an entrepreneur and a prolific angel investor. He features in India's Top Angel Investors List by Forbes India. His portfolio includes Oyo Rooms, StayZilla, RepUp, Pretty Secrets, Zippr, AdStringo, Core, LogiNext, etc.

  • "Opening doors of a heritage property with a lifetime of memories with family, loved ones and friends is a big milestone and decision for a home owner. However one can do this only if there is a comfort level, similar wavelengths, tastes and sensibilities. All these aspects have earned SaffronStays the privilege of taking our home and opening its doors to likeminded guests who believe in a boutique, homely and culturally rich experience. Tejas and her team also assist in beautifully maintaining the property and helping restore the home to its original glory..."

    Dr. Marker, Home Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If you think your vacation home is a good fit, leave us a few details in the Contact Us section below and we will call you back. We would then like to evaluate the property, and if it looks like we could be a good fit for each other, we would love to sign you up.

How is Leisure Home Network different from other listing sites?

Well, first, we are not just a listing site. We provide complete hospitality services. We take care of the operations as well as marketing and branding. That means, it is hassle free and stress free maintenance of your home. But more importantly, you get access to leisure homes owned by other like-minded individuals.

How does SaffronStays choose new Leisure Homes?

Properties are evaluated based on a 100-point stringent checklist. Based on gaps identified, home improvements are planned. Only if found suitable, the leisure home is accepted into the Network. SaffronStays oversees home improvements, creates a unique brand identity and launches hospitality operations. Further only a select few are chosen for each destination so that each can be given the attention and marketing effort it deserves.

How much does it cost to be part of this Network?

We believe in a pay as per performance model. So, only when your property makes money, we make money. Till then the entire marketing and branding is free to the Home Owner.

Can I refer a friend to the Network?

Yes, definitely. We wish to create a network of like-minded Home Owners, so people known and recommended by you would be a great fit and hence would be given preference.

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Apply to the SaffronStays Leisure Home Network - a carefully curated collective of some of the most interesting homes with a story.

Acres   Sq.Ft
Sq.Ft   Sq.m

Do you have a full time caretaker ?   Yes   No

Do you have an in-house cook ?   Yes   No

Condition of the House   Outstanding   Good   Requires Upgrades

Property Type   Heritage   Luxury   Comfort

Our Home Assessment Team will then assess the suitability of the property.

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  • Phone: +91 80806 20320

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