Help, Policies, Trust & Safety

Learn more about SaffronStays, our terms, policies, and how we build Trust & Safety in our community

Terms of Service

By registering with SaffronStays, you agree to the guidelines, terms and conditions set by SaffronStays. Terms of Service document is extremely comprehensive and regards your interaction with SaffronStays as a Host or Guest. It covers issues like contracts, responsibilities and SaffronStays’ legal obligation to you.

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Privacy Policy

As a SaffronStays user, you’ll be giving sensitive information like your phone details, address, bank account numbers and more. SaffronStays takes privacy very seriously and implements strong controls to protect your personal information. The Privacy Policy document states SaffronStays’ policies and procedures on gathering and using your personal information. Read further on how SaffronStays is keeping your personal information safe.

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Cancellation Policy

SaffronStays has crafted three types of cancellation policies with varying flexibility. It’s the choice of the Host to select a convenient cancellation policy, but SaffronStays suggests Flexible policy to start with. A cancellation policy dictates how much refund you can get if you cancel the booking and how early you should cancel it, if you want full refund. Read the policy for more details.

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Extenuating circumstances

Life is such that sudden events tend to alter plans. SaffronStays takes this into account. A Guest may experience an emergency in the family or a Host’s location may be going through political turmoil. In such extenuating circumstances, the cancellation policy chosen by the Host will be overridden. However, a Guest will have to provide documents to prove the extenuating circumstance. Read the policy for more details.

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