Help for Guest - Responsible Guest, and other Guest FAQs

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Learn more about SaffronStays, our terms, policies, and how we build Trust & Safety in our community

Responsible Guest

Everyone treats their home differently; some don’t mind it messy, while others are sticklers for cleanliness. You have to take this into consideration to create a good impression and be a responsible Guest.

And not only that, as a global traveller, you will experience some big cultural gaps between you and your Host. SaffronStays could help you be a responsible Guest in someone else's house.

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Guest FAQs

If you’re new to SaffronStays, you’ll have many questions on how this community works. There will be a set of basic questions that comes to your head, such as how you are going to pay, which ratings to trust, how to cancel a booking and more. This list of Frequently Asked Questions will get those queries answered.

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