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Extenuating Circumstances

SaffronStays understands that emergencies and extenuating circumstances arise that may affect our guest's travel plans. In such unforeseen situations, SaffronStays may override the host's chosen cancellation policy. SaffronStays reserves the right to make refund decisions in such cases. Such refunds will be contingent on proper documentation to be submitted by the guest. Some such circumstances may include:

  • Natural disaster in the destination city/ town.
  • Political unrest in the destination city/ town.
  • Acts of terrorism in the destination city/ town.

To submit a valid claim for a refund, a Guest is required to notify SaffronStays of such circumstances upto the start of your reservation via email or a call and provide such documentary proof as maybe required by SaffronStays to support his/her claim. Both Guest and Host agree that decision by SaffronStays in such cases is final and binding on both parties.

Please note that Guest Fees paid/ payable to SaffronStays are non-refundable

A nominal cancellation fee of 5% shall be levied for refunds processed by SaffronStays. This is primarily levied to cover payment gateway charges and minimal processing charges. Service tax at applicable rates will be charged on this cancellation fee.