When in doubt.. go Goa!

Everyone talks about, “When in doubt, travel..,” but wonder how many of them have actually implemented this quote for real! There comes a time where we are all in a fix & and the only thing that saves us from feeling numb is to travel. To be more precise, travel to Goa. Because Goa is the ultimate soul remedy, right? The only destination that serves multiple callings, be it yoga, beach parties or some lone time!

This time, instead of booking a hotel in Goa, why not try renting out a gorgeous beachfront villa? Here are 5 beautiful Goan locations to visit when you’re in doubt!

#01. Let the Yogic energies flow or treat your body with a Spa

Pool Villas in Goa
Inner Temple, Goa

When the sun goes down remember to look up because you’ll notice the beautiful crimson sky like never before! The rich deep red inclining to purple will mesmeriize your soul. Inner Temple is magnificent yet warm and pleasant. Several sit outs have been created in various parts of the house for you to have a tete-a-tete with loved ones, enjoy the cool breeze while relaxing with a book or simply sit by the pool while it is raining and all you’d want to do is meditate.

#02. Allow the vintage vibes to take you back to the good old days

Goa Holidays
Charming Portuguese Villa in Goa

Located very close to Mandovi river is Casa Susegado, a 3 bedroom bungalow in Ribandar, Goa. A blend of vintage styles that this house is, it embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual. To add more to the chilled out aura of this bungalow, there is a hammock right at the entrance. Overall, this harmonious bungalow stirs you up visually with its clean and simple interiors.

#03. To feel more light, just go with the flow!

Beach Villas
Sea Views over Coffee

Pleasuring you with the panoramic view of Zuari bay and Arabian sea, Cliff Haven is a 3 bedroom apartment with a shared infinity pool that overlooks the sea. So while you lounge by the sundeck of this plush pool villa, allow the breeze to sway away the worries & just go with the flow! Also, the villa has a beautiful portico overlooking the sea, with comfy seating. This is the best vantage point for watching the sun go down!

#04. Sometimes all you want is to spend good time with your people

Baga Beach Goa
Aqua Villa, Goa

Located in close proximity to Baga beach, Aqua Villa is a two bedroom pool villa decorated with interesting wooden picture frames and curios collected from  across the globe. The place is best suitable for a small group gathering. The highlight of the villa is a lovely, shaded porch from where one can spend afternoons reading a book, and take a dip in the pool thats just 5 feet away.

Surrounded by greenery all around, Coco Palms is a cosy & welcoming 3 bedroom villa in Arpora. The minimal decor in this house brings a subtle earthy vibe to a neutral room. And one of the most beautiful natural element that this bungalow adorns is the sunlight. The place is make you feel very close to your own home.

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Coming back to beating the blues, have you ever travelled when in doubt? If not then you must because to travel is to create your own sunshine. So let the countdown to the beach begin!

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