Must-visit Food Joints on Rajpur Road, Dehradun

For foodies who seek culinary adventures, trying out various delicacies wherever they go is usually a priority in the itinerary. There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Dehradun, one of the most sought-after vacation places near Delhi, especially for food lovers. 
With majestic Himalayan range set in the backdrop, the remarkable food joints and cafes on Rajpur Road undeniably make it one of the best places to visit in Dehradun. So, on your next trip to this city, do not forget to visit these incredible food joints on Rajpur Road. 

1. Kalsang Cafe

Enjoy Tibetan and Thai food at Kalsang Cafe near SaffronStays Amaani

Serving specialities from Thai and Tibetan cuisines, Kalsang Cafe is situated on Rajpur Road at a distance of 12.5 km from SaffronStays Amaani, which is one of the most beautiful holiday cottages in Dehradun. With traditional decor, intimate seating and spectacular views of the city, it is one of the most popular cafes in Dehradun. Catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, people love it for its charming interiors and soothing atmosphere. 

Sutra Cafe Lounge

SaffronStays Doon Hideout in Dehradun
Sutra Cafe Lounge close to SaffronStays Doon Hideout is known for its fantastic ambience

Renowned for its fabulous ambience, Sutra Cafe Lounge is located 18.4 km away from SaffronStays Doon Hideout, one of the most popular cottages for rent in Dehradun. While this lovely cottage is a fantastic staycation by itself, driving a short distance to this incredible cafe can be quite a pleasant experience. Offering indoor and outdoor seating options, it serves a variety of cuisines from around the globe. 

Lemon Grass Garden

Known for it’s exceptional service Lemon Grass Garden is a cafe close to SaffronStays Elysian

Counted amongst the best cafes on Rajpur Road, Lemon Grass Garden is just a short drive away from SaffronStays Elysian, which is one of the most luxurious rental cottages in Dehradun. Offering cosy outdoor seating amidst a lovely garden, it serves a combination of beverages and quick bites. With quaint interiors and a welcoming atmosphere, it provides excellent service and has a super-helpful and friendly staff.

Caesar’s Cafe

Caesar’s Cafe on Rajpur Road is a must visit cafe near SaffronStays Doon Hideout

Located at a short distance from several of the most popular Uttarakhand cottages like SaffronStays Elysian, SaffronStays Amani and SaffronStays Doon Hideout, Caesar’s Cafe is a must-visit eatery on Rajpur Road, Dehradun. With quirky decor and exposed brickwork, the charming cafe serves Chinese and North Indian food. It also offers a variety of beverages and snacks. 

Patio Terrace

When you are not chilling in the outdoors at SaffronStays Elysian, head to Patio Terrace on Rajpur Road

Patio Terrace is a rooftop restaurant situated on Rajpur Road near various luxurious rental villas in Dehradun like SaffronStays Elysian, SaffronStays Amani and SaffronStays Doon Hideout. Specialising in seafood and kebabs, it serves Chinese, Italian, North Indian and Continental cuisines. Moreover, the comfortable outdoor seating provides an amazing setting for an unforgettable alfresco dining experience. 

So, next time when you are in Dehradun, you know where to head to. The amazing cafes on Rajpur Road are your best bet!

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