Always wanted a leisure home? Here’s a better idea!

At some point of time we have all looked into the mirror and asked ourselves, “Is it the right time to have my own leisure home?”  Did you or did you not? If your answer to this is yes, then let us tell you there is a way better alternative other than owning a house when you’re not even ready! How about renting a luxurious apartment or a Villa? To make this even more exciting imagine relocating to various destinations. Now owning a house does not allow you to do that, right? Here are the perks of renting a beautiful bungalow.

#01. Reconnect

Sometimes all you have to do is reconnect; Reconnect with family, long lost friends, ex-office colleagues, cousins, etc. And nothing could be a better inspiration to do this than Nature! Spend a quality time at The Parsi Manor, a 100 year old heritage Villa which is waiting to bowl you over with its charm.


INR 6074 for two people

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#02. Explore

Some places are meant for exploring. No matter how much ever you plan your activities, the surroundings and the location will only want you to sit back and watch the sky change its color. Don’t believe us? Visit Ocean Vista, a beautiful Villa located in Uttan on the highest point of Mumbai, letting you peep into the beauty of the city’s fast moving life. With meteor showers happening on 12th December 2015, this property at the highest point of Mumbai is just the place to be!


INR 24169 for eight people

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#03. Take a long walk

You are not the types who would prefer a cosy warm seating on a terrace, sipping on a mug of coffee and reading your favorite book or reminiscing old days? Then we’re sure you’d want to visit a place which has an easy access for long walk trails, flowing river and mountains at the background. This Luxurious Villa at Karjat serves this purpose the best!


INR 13253 for eight people

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#04. Relax

Do you often look for peace and solace when on a vacation? Would you like a place tucked away in the Sahyadri hills, touching a beautiful lake & surrounded by lush greenery? Visit Kamshet  to enjoy a swim with a breathtaking mountain sunset view take; to take a refreshing walk in the orchard or to simply relax in the gazebo with a book to leaf through.


INR 12053 for six people 

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#05. Observe

Spending days amidst forest, doing nothing and observing the nature; Is this what you call an ideal holiday? You must visit this place in Khopoli; Located in a picturesque valley of Pali at the foothills of Lonavala & Sahara Aamby Valley, surrounded by the Majestic Sahyadri Mountains one can unwind and be in the midst of nature. It is engulfed by curtains of waterfall during monsoon, and draped by the canopy of mist during winter.


INR 5479 for two people

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#06. Soak in the fresh air 

Is beach an integral part of your holiday plans? Can’t do without the sunset views and crimson evening sky? This Villa in Alibaug serves your holiday purpose the best. It is surrounded by scenic hills and breathtaking sunset and sunrise view.


INR 10659 for six people

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#07. Wet your feet

Always wondered what it’d be like to have a home next to a river? Live at this beautiful property at Karjat adjacent to a flowing river. The Villa is an example of uber luxurious property where all kinds of modern amenities can be enjoyed.


INR 33045 for twelve people

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So where is it that you plan to live the first? Leave your comments below!

About the Author: Keenjal Patel, a reader at mind, a writer at heart, a believer at soul and an achiever overall, is what she want to be. She loves to express through words. She’s a firm believer that imagination rules the world and the day this world absorbs the essence of her words, that would be a day of pride for her!

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