How Private Villas Add a Charm to Intimate Celebrations

We learned one of the greatest lessons in 2020- gratefulness for every moment of our life. As things start looking a little brighter this time around, we eagerly look forward to celebrating life in itself. It need not be a birthday or occasional party, but the idea of relaxing, taking time off to rejuvenate feels desirable. A cherry on the cake of your celebrations is when you truly make an experience of it. Celebrating in private villas or homes is a step up over hotel rooms or banquet halls because they provide a well-curated experience just for you. And we have many such reasons for you to come, celebrate with SaffronStays…

Unparalleled Privacy 

SaffronStays Arrivée
Unparalleled privacy in spacious villas!

An entire place to yourself, with nobody else to pry on what you do, what you wear or how weirdly you laugh. You can do the embarrassing dance moves by the private pools or flaunt your sporty side on gaming lawns, our private villas near Mumbai, Lonavala, or Alibaug all are equipped with various facilities for guests to choose from. While you enjoy, our chefs and caretakers on site will ensure you get the best hospitality. 

Safe and Sanitised Villas

SaffronStays Horizon 360°
Regularly sanitized villas

It’s become a norm to check on the hygiene standards and practices being followed whenever you book a place for a vacation now. All our private villas and homes are regularly sanitized and keep up with the safety protocols as per the Govt. So be rest assured that your safety is also our concern, that we fully address. 

Intimate Celebrations Stay Intimate

Celebrate with your loved ones!

The premise of having small, intimate gatherings is to only have people that you really want by your side. When booking private villas for wedding-related events, it gives a space and time to personally bond with your people, instead of the rushed hi-hellos and plastered smiles.

With SaffronStays, you can choose an occasion — pre-wedding party, roka, wedding to reception and leave it to us with the arrangements to make it a memorable one for you! Don’t stress over what can go wrong, when you can focus on what to make right- a choice to select private villas for your intimate celebrations. You will cherish your special moments when you exactly remember how happy you felt in them.

Freedom of Choice 

SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik
Relax in a way you wish to!

You have a lot of free time on your hands when you are being taken care of by someone else. There’s no worry about what’s cooking for breakfast or lunch, or what tasks need to tick off the routine. In spacious villas, one can have the ‘Me-time’ or ‘Us-time’ as you desire, by the pool, walking on the lawn, playing games, or curl up with a book in a cozy corner. You have the flexibility to spend your time as you want, something that you cannot do at your own home at times. That essence of being free of restrictions or responsibilities even for a day or two is so engrossing.

The Foodie Experience

Farm-to-Table food experience
Farm-to-Table food experience at Sanvina Farms

The food you eat during your vacation is also very much a part of your memories. How many times have Dal Makhni or Chicken Masala Curry from fancy hotels tasted distinctly different? But when you’re staying at private villas like ours, where chefs have their own specialties infused with local tastes, food also becomes part of an experience. Have a preference for veg-only homes? We got that too! From coastal style curries at beachside homes in Alibaug, to farm-to-table experiences at private villas in Karjat, your stay with us also serves you some delectable dishes.

Home For Every Vibe Tribe  

SaffronStays Over The Valley, Mahabaleshwar

What is your vibe for celebrations? Taking a nature’s retreat, cousins’ reunion, family staycation, work with a view, girls getaway or occasions — we have luxurious private homes that match it. Wake up to sunrise views over mountain valleys at beautiful villas in Lonavala or to the sound of sea waves by staying at a beach-facing private villa in Alibaug, go organic farming in rustic homestays around Mumbai or plan a workation from WiFi-equipped private homes. We have pet-friendly homes around Mumbai and Pune, so a getaway with your pooch, why not? 

Celebrate You! 

Kamal Farms by the River, Karjat
SaffronStays Kamal Farms by The River, Karjat

Last, but not least — celebrate you for being you! We all have seen difficult times, dealt with extra pressure, crumbled even but here we are again. Owe up to that, to give yourself a celebration you deserve. With the whole place to yourself in private villas, you need not have a show-and-tell, but a quiet celebration of just your family. Go all out with your favorite playlist or elusively finish that self-help book that you’ve been putting away.

Be grateful to you, your loved ones, celebrate life with SaffronStays, and let us be the gracious hosts to add the feathers on your party hats! 

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