Head To These 6 Offbeat Villas For A One-Of-A-Kind Holiday

Are you tired of getaways to the same old towns and tourist spots? Trying to avoid the noise and the crowd? What you need is a lesser-known holiday destination with all the fun and pleasure of a popular tourist spot. In a secluded location, in a space that is exclusively yours, surrounded by all the amenities you could need, here is the perfect holiday! And you can find it at these 6 offbeat private villas,

1. SaffronStays Vedika, Wada

The azure blue pool at SaffronStays Vedika
Experience the old world charm through the wood and brick interiors
Catch with friends over a drink sitting in the verandah

Head to the unexplored but vibrant region of Wada, and you’ll find yourself stepping back in time. Heritage architecture and interiors of wood and brick come together to create a lovely old-timey charm that you will fall in love with. Surrounded by tall trees instead of skyscrapers and flourishing orchards instead of busy streets, this villa is like an island in a sea of green. Here, in a bubble of your own space and time, no strangers will bother you. Take this opportunity to reconnect with nature — munch on freshly picked fruits, sip on a refreshing glass of cow’s milk and explore the aromatic herb garden in your spare time. Doesn’t it sound peaceful? 
No. of guests: 2-13
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2. SaffronStays Elfreda, Vikramgad

Bohemian-styled SaffronStays Elfreda is villa set amid nature
An ideal home for a couple
Take a walk along this pond while enjoy the sunset

Ever wanted to stay in a quaint little cottage in the midst of nature? Wanted to wake up to chirping birds and watch sunsets from a gazebo? This fairytale awaits you at this villa near Mumbai and Pune that sits on a 2.5-acre estate of mango and chikoo plantations. There’s even a duck pond where you can while away lazy afternoons, a shady spot for the perfect picnic, and a setup for a super romantic candlelight dinner. Whether you are a couple looking for honeymoon destinations or a small family planning a weekend getaway, this cosy 1-bedroom studio cottage is the place for you!
No. of guests: 2-5
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3. SaffronStays Kenwoods, Vikramgad

 The Portuguese-styled villa SaffronStays Kenwoods has a wide swimming pool and a sunken bar
Indulge in an al fresco dinning experience
Lay down in the hammock and enjoy a good afternoon read

A scenic two-and-a-half-hour drive from Mumbai will get you to this gorgeous but lesser-known part of Vikramgad, where a sprawling 5-bedroom bungalow sits. With its wide swimming pool, sunken bar and 
al fresco dining arrangement, this is an ideal villa for large groups. There is plenty of space for afternoon picnics and late-night dance parties. The backdrop of blooming plant life and the villa’s Portuguese architecture ensures all your pictures are Insta-worthy. Miles from noise and pollution, the solitude and freedom at this offbeat private villa make for the best kind of holiday!
No. of guests: 2-12
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4. SaffronStays Dhyana, Wada

Enjoy a weekend with friends in the lap of nature at SaffronStays Dhyana
Get together for a fun game session in the sit out area
Take a dip in the sparkling pool

Peace and solitude are so hard to find in the city. But this elegant bungalow is defined by it. A smooth three-hour drive from Mumbai gets you to this pet-friendly villa. It has 3 bedrooms, plenty of common areas and a sparkling pool that makes it suitable for any celebration! This vacation rental has the added security of belonging to a gated community while also being nestled in greenery. Trees, flowers and a grassy lawn wrap you up in the scents of Earth. Need a higher dose of nature? Try out the nature trail close to the villa and spot a hundred shades of green. Or take a leisurely walk by the Pinjal river and let the murmur of water soothe your soul. This is the perfect way to disconnect from screens. 

No. of guests: 2-10

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5. SaffronStays Ekaant, Wada

SaffronStays Ekaant is a rural home with a modern touch
Enjoy your evenings here with sipping your favourite beverage
This 3-bedroom villa is ideal for a family get together

This modern pool villa near Palghar spells convenience. There is more than enough space to host a small company offsite or even a college reunion. With a small kitchenette, strong WiFi and an on-site caretaker who will look after all your needs, you and your guests will have an effortlessly wonderful holiday! No running around for amenities as everything from air conditioning to a diverse and delicious à la carte menu is right at your fingertips. Entertainment too — you can delight in monopoly and Jenga games for hours, have a dance-off on the lawn and wrap up the day by jumping in the pool. Excited yet? 
No. of guests: 2-14
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6. SaffronStays Nithyam, Wada

SaffronStays Nithyam is a quaint little home for a small family getaway
Enjoy your monsoon evenings with some piping hot tea and bhajiyas
An ideal home for quick family getaways

This 2-bedroom villa near Mumbai and Pune is the ideal home for quick family getaways. Even a last-minute plan for a holiday at this cosy vacation rental can lead to an unforgettable weekend full of fantastic memories. Think of lazing in the pool for hours, playing chaotic games of UNO indoors, basking under sunset skies on the lawn and dining on lip-smacking home-cooked meals with a local touch. Even senior citizens of the family will enjoy a hassle-free stay here. Packed with amenities, this offbeat private villa has something for every member of the family!
No. of guests: 2-6
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Heed the wise words of the poet Robert Forst and choose the road not taken. Try one of these offbeat private villas and gift yourself a truly unique holiday!

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