Grab A Last Minute Deal On These Villas For NYE

It’s difficult to find a venue for NYE with only a couple of days to go, right? Wrong! Even at this eleventh hour, there are 9 private villas perfect for your NYE plans. They’re just waiting to be booked and what’s more, they come with a sweet discount. You will get a flat 10% off on any of these villas if you book them for new year’s eve, no capping! Use this coupon code while booking: LMD10. And your party is all set to begin!

1. Whispering Windmill, Nashik

With most of its power derived from windmills and solar cells, this modern 2-bedroom villa creates a slice of heaven. Take your family to this little utopia, where you can play games on the lawn or goof around in the pool. Afterwards, there are several lush seating areas for you to kick back and relax. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect end to 2021?

No. of guests: 4-6

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2. Urja, Lonavala

Treat yourself to the finest luxury in this 3-bedroom bungalow in Lonavala. Unwind with your friends in the plunge pool or get some me-time with stone therapy in the spa room. Add a splash of fun with the jacuzzi and photo ops by your very own private waterfall. This stylish villa will give your NYE party the flair that it deserves!

No. of guests: 6-11

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3. Mango Huts by the River, Pali

This cozy 2-bedroom cottage is a perfect getaway spot just a short drive from Mumbai and Pune. The pet-friendly cottage has plenty of space for your furry friends and homey outdoor seating — with a swing — that is perfect for a new year’s countdown. Authentic Maharashtrian meals will complete your holiday experience with finger-licking food!

No. of guests: 4-8

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4. Mega Farms by the River, Igatpuri

Take a break from the city and celebrate new year’s surrounded by lush green lawns, a beautiful river, vast rice fields and mountains on the horizon. A set of childhood friends or a group of families, the villa is large enough for you to bring in 2022 with your favourite people. With serene views outside, plenty of board games and a pool table inside, there’s never a dull moment in this villa! 

No. of guests: 8-16

Book your party venue now: SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River

5. Silver Spring, Nashik

Get away from all of your worries in the wine capital of the country. If you’re looking for an escape for NYE then this pool villa is the answer! Plush interiors and idyllic surroundings make it perfect for a group of people to unwind and bond over food and games. An indoor bar and a pool table round off the perfect new year’s vibe. 

No. of guests: 6-9

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6. Bloomingdale, Nashik

At this charming Nashik villa, you can ring in the new year with a pool party or a bonfire night! The 3-bedroom home is elderly-friendly too. It also hosts a quaint little gazebo with a mesmerising view of the river. Our in-house chef provides traditional Maharashtrian delicacies that are one-of-a-kind.

No. of guests: 6-10

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7. Casa Di Fortuna, Alibaug 

Inspired by the shape of a Chinese fortune cookie, this modern pool villa has a fun vibe and is party-sized. With quirky decor and unique tiles, this place will keep you insta-ready at all times! A Carrom board, UNO cards and many more games are available should you feel like it. Casa Di Fortuna is an ideal villa for NYE — a place for a group of people to chat, dance, and whirl the night away. 

No. of guests: 8-14

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8. Solitude Maison, Raigad

Aptly named, Solitude Maison is a 2-bedroom villa that provides a space that gives you complete privacy from the world. The villa sits on a hilltop and provides an unrestrained view of the valley below. A range of gourmet multi-cuisine food is at hand and the interiors combine rustic and comfort in the best way possible.

No. of guests: 4

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9. Aurelia, Panchgani 

Start off 2022 right — with a spectacular view of the hills! This 3-bedroom villa looks out upon Panchgani valley and Krishna river. Ideal for a large family or small group of friends, you can play pool, challenge yourself to tennis on the court or dance the night away in the spacious living room. Hint: At sunrise, head to the master bedroom for a dazzling view. 

No. of guests: 6-8 

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For a new year’s party, the right venue is everything! But the clock is ticking and midnight isn’t far. Book your villa for NYE now! And don’t forget to use this coupon code: LMD10

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