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Corporate Offsites Just Got Better: Here’s How!

As an employee of a corporate organisation, individuals look forward to nothing but that one weekend every quarter where they head off for an offsite or outting with the team and do just one thing: Party Hard! As the HR Manager of said big corporate, individuals dread the same weekend. And here’s why: Because getting great stays, at great prices, close to the metros is DIFFICULT. And getting approval for a find is even more difficult.

Why Choose SaffronStays?

SaffronStays is here to ease the road taken to create the perfect offsite. Here’s how:

  • We provide the ideal homes for offsites. Whether it is a start-up with a team of 10, or a bigger company with a team of 30, SaffronStays homes across the country are great getaways for every group.
  • Most of our homes have large lawns, private pools and even cricket pitches for team-building activities.
  • Additional requirements like projectors, DJ consoles and Files can be arranged by us.
  • Constant concierge serve at the hands of a trained Hospitality Manager, to ease the entire stay.
  • Delicious home-cooked preparations for breakfast, lunch and dinner

With a capacity of upto 50 guests, SaffronStays homes are the ones you and your team should be heading over to.

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Here are some of the homes you can head over to:

SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Private Pool
  • Large Lawns
  • Barbeque Set

SaffronStays 9 Palms, Alibaug

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Private Pool
  • 6 Acre Lawn
  • 15 mins from Mandwa Jetty

SaffronStays Fragrant Sun, Mulshi

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Exquisite Lake view
  • Dorm-style room
  •  Large common space
  • Scrumptious meals

SaffronStays Bellini, Karjat

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Private Pool
  • Games Arcade
  • Close to Mumbai

SaffronStays Casa Blanca, Karjat

  • 4 Bedroms
  • Private Pool
  • Cricket Pitch
  • DJ Console
  • Poker Table

SaffronStays Calvin & Hobbes, Lavasa

  • 8 Rooms in All
  • Large Common Areas
  • Quick drive from Mumbai and Pune

SaffronStays MJ Estate, Panvel

  • 5 Bedroms
  • Indoor pool
  • Indoor games
  • Huge  lawns with badminton court
  • Hydroponic farming and pisciculture


SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Infinity pool
  • Spacious, cosy interiors
  •  An open-dining area
  • TT, poker and pool table

SaffronStays 8 NM, Alibaug

  • 10 spacious villas
  • 10 Private Pools
  • Near Alibaug beach

SaffronStays Costellations Orion, Aquila & Cassiopeia- Khandala

  • 3 luxurious villas
  • 3 private pools
  • Each villa has an elevator
  • Views of surrounding lush hills


Corporate offsites are a boon and a bane. Let SaffronStays make the experience a breeze.

Need some more options? Click on the link below to plan your next company retreat with SaffronStays: SaffronStays For Corporates

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