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Best Vacation Places In India: 8 Reasons Why Uttarakhand Makes It At The Top

Every day, you put forth a lot of effort to earn your daily living. But if you haven’t taken a vacation in months, it’s time to reconsider your life choices. Consider renting a cottage in Uttarakhand, and take ten days off. Cottages for rent are the ideal getaway to spend some quality days from regular life with peaceful settings inside and out and the carefree feeling that can only come from knowing that everything is being taken care of. Travellers consider Uttarakhand as one of the best places in India because it has an equally wonderful atmosphere. The stunning Himalayan range, mountain wind, stunning sunsets and traditional cuisines of Uttarakhand make it an excellent spot to explore on vacation.

SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste in Ranikhet

If you still have doubts, we have compiled a list of 8 reasons for you, why Uttarakhand must be on your bucket list!

Calm Winds and Chill Atmosphere
The cool climes all year round are perfect for you to enjoy your mornings with a pot of freshly brewed coffe or a steaming cup of chai. Going to the plains doesn’t provide much relief from the hot summer heat. Choose a trip in Uttarakhand, such as Mukteshwar, where the cool temperatures will provide a welcome respite from the scorching and busy streets of cities. Leave steamy commutes behind and enjoy chilly alpine mornings. Uttarakhand cottages, such as SaffronStays El Sueno, Mukteshwar and SaffronStays Doon Garden Villa, Dehradun, feature a painting-like appeal and rustic furnishings that will brighten your vacation. You could also enjoy a crackling bonfire on chilly nights.

Panorama Views Unmatched in Every Way
The breathtaking vistas are one thing you will never run out of in the hills. Although farms and beaches have their distinct charms, nothing compares to the sight of a panoramic view in the mountains. Private villas for rent near Delhi like SaffronStays Maison Calme, Mussoorie and SaffronStays Kenny’s Kove, Mukteshwar provide stunning views that cannot be seen anywhere else, from far-off villages that seem to be as little as huts to panorama images of hills rolling to the horizon. Lay down as night falls and take in the hills’ stargazing. You’ll feel on top of the world if you picture yourself sipping coffee while wearing a scarf and standing on a balcony that views over woods and valleys all at once.

Lush Greenery

Head up to Uttarakhand, one of the best places to visit in India, to reconnect with nature. You need to give your eyes a break from those screens and let them feast upon acres and acres of green. Watch the sun rising over dense farms, an experience to take at cottage-like hillside luxury villa, SaffronStays Paradise Pines, Dehradun. Or else, sip your favourite beverage on the large balcony while you enjoy the view of verdant valleys and the lovely garden at SaffronStays Casa Bellissimo, Dehradun — one of the best Dehradun cottages.

Pollution-free Air
The higher the hill, the cleaner the air! Uttarakhand, one of the stunning places to visit in India, offers crisp and fresh air, thanks to the miles of tall trees and lush vegetation. It would be a welcome break from your regular life in the city to spend a few days in a green, litter-free environment (free of wrappers and plastic bags). For instance, the modest outdoor lounging area of SaffronStays Fourest, Bhimtal is lovely and has a pleasant vibe. You will breathe clean air in areas with less pollution, just as the local plants and wildlife do. So if you’re seeking some fresh air, a hillside luxury home is the ideal choice for you.

Outdoor Activities
There are several activities to enjoy while on vacation in the hills. You must stretch your limbs as you participate in exciting activities and fun local tours. Imagine strolling the valley’s verdant trails or paragliding over it. These activities are available at the cottages for rent near Dehradun, such as SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, Dehradun and SaffronStays Doon Hideout, Dehradun. Explore Tibetan markets, walk to the stunning Kempty Falls (2.5 hours away), or camp overnight in George Everest Park for a starry night. There are always exciting things to do in the hills, no matter where you are.

A Relaxing Vacation
Cool temperatures, breathtaking sights, natural habitats, and clean landscapes will give you the most relaxing holiday. Those stress lines will vanish as you take in the beauty of the hills. Tasks, deadlines, and to-do lists will disappear, allowing your mind much-needed rest. A stay at one of our villas near Delhi combines beauty, peace and encourages slow living. Choose SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste, Ranikhet, one of our Signature By SaffronStays homestays in Ranikhet, where the tranquillity, handcrafted hospitality and 360 degree expansive views, 4500 feet above sea level will help you to unwind and be one with nature, like never before.

Homes That Suit The Needs Of All
Whether it’s a stay starting from INR 5000 ( easy on your pockets, eh?) or a luxury stay that is scripted and curated exclusively for you, Uttarakhand has a wide range of accommodations to choose from. Moreover, there’s a place for every occasion: be it unique date nights or anniversary celebrations (couple-friendly chalets and cottages), intimate family gatherings or reunions with friends and corporate offsites (large estates and elegant suites), the gorgeous state in Northern India comprises cosy cottages and homestays to large bungalows and estates to create unforgettable memories, as you plan a stay there.

With access to the airports and well connected roads for a smooth drive, visiting Uttarakhand becomes easy and comfortable at any time of the year:

  • By Air: Travelers may take a direct flight to Pantnagar Airport (Kumaon Region) or Jolly Grant Airport (Dehradun) from their respective cities and a short road trip to their destination after.
  • By Rail: For ease of connectivity, Uttarakhand comprises 16 big and small railway stations which connect with Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata, and other major cities in India. Some well-known stations inside the state are Haridwar, Dehradun, Kathgodam, Rudrapur, Tanakpur, and Pantnagar station.
  • By Road: The most popular form of traveling, the well-connected highways like NH 108, NH 109, NH 119, NH 121, NH 123 and NH 72A seamlessly connect the state with other parts of the country. Guests have easy access to the bus and taxis that are available throughout the state,or they may opt for private car rentals to roam around.
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It’s time to take a break from work and visit Uttarakhand, one of the best travel destinations in India. Enjoy a bowl of thukpa by the roadside while looking out at the hills, or wake up to breath-taking views of fog-covered mountains and verdant forest from the balcony of your holiday home. What more could you want from a vacation? Your next tropical holiday in Uttarakhand is ready and waiting for you; all you have to do is pack your bags!

If you prefer to go in a smaller group, check into the cottages listed above. Uttarakhand has plenty to offer everyone, making it ideal for families, couples, and even solo travellers. No one can deny that it’s one of the best tour places in India. We hope you have a wonderful time touring Uttarakhand and the surrounding areas. Enjoy a safe trip!

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