Attention Star gazers: Meteor showers and where to catch them!

The Orionid Meteor shower has begun April 25th onward and is going to be visible for a whole month. This time Earth is about to pass through countless debris of Halley’s comet, thus giving us a month long sky full of beautiful sights. This will next be visible in 2061! That’s a really long wait for the next one.
The city-lights and pollution make it impossible to enjoy such a gorgeous spectacle within the city. But fortunately, travel just a couple of hours outside and witness this dance of the million sparkles. We bring you 4 best spots around Mumbai for stargazing where you and your children can enjoy million pinpricks of light that can be seen with the naked eye!

#01. Uttan

This is the most underrated & the closest destination to the city where one can spot the starry sky! Set amid the quiet locales and sparsely populated area, is this bungalow that allows you to effortlessly hike to the highest point of Mumbai. Be it any season that you plan to visit here, considering the height it is situated at, we assure you that you’d be the first one to witness the meteor showers or the full moon night! The place will want you to capture every moment that you see through the sit out at the terrace, but the beautiful sight lasts only few seconds and you would not want to miss that in search of your camera!

#02. Karjat


We are all aware about the clear air and open sky around Karjat thus making this destination an ideal place for sky gazers. This nature’s bounty filled with hills, river and greenery lies on the outskirts of Mumbai & is a favorite destination for city dwellers.

Imagine strolling in the midst of 120 acres of thick wooded mango orchards, in the middle of the night & beautiful sights of meteor shower accompany  you! Living in a cottage located right next to a river& a starry sky, what more would one want for a peaceful night. This little villa is the perfect haven for catching up on some peace, solitude, fresh air and peace of mind.


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Living in a quaint cottage nestled on a 4 acre, stream adjacent farm in Karjat. The front verandah facing the gorgeous garden, the terrace which overlook the scenic beauty of the farm and Karjat ghats are the perfect spots to put your feet up, relax and soak in everything nature has to offer. Star gazing, bird watching or just napping on the garden swing, the city life will be a distant memory.


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#03. Dapoli


Dapoli, a small town in Ratnagiri, is everything a holiday destination should be. And if you’re staying at the Nirvana, a spectacular view of Arabian Sea, Palm and Coconut trees all around await you. Built on a sloppy hillock, it is over a 2 acre property. You can see the fascinating, Harnai fishing port on left, sea fort known as Suvarnadurg on extreme right side along with Anjarle sandy beach and the front view of the villa gives you a complete view of the endless sea. One can spend their time on the patio and enjoy uninterrupted sea breeze at all hours of the day whilst skygazing!


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So which one’s your favorite pick?

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