9 Reasons To Have Your Next Staycation At A Private Villa

Private vacation homes, which used to be an ‘alternative’ for large groups have now earned the status of being the first choice for plenty of travellers. It’s not just the thrill of owning the villa but also the safety and certainty of not having to share it with outsiders that made them a preferred option. Here are 9 reasons why one should choose a private villa for staycation over other choices of accommodation.

  1. Accommodates One, Accommodates All: A hotel room is perfect for couples. A suite’s perfect for a small family. But what when yours is a larger group where the only reason you part ways is to have a sound sleep in your respective rooms? And what when bonding with your loved ones in common spaces tops your list? When, apart from a safe and sanitised getaway, a large living room, a large pool and lawns to laze around are your priority? The answer is a big, large private villa
SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

2. Pet-friendly Getaways. Really: ‘How old is your pet?’ ‘Can your pet be kept in a cage?’ ‘What’s your pet’s height and length?’ ‘Does your dog bark?’ ‘We’re sorry, but your pet can’t come to the common area.’ Pet parents, now how many times have you heard that? Vis-à-vis a private villa where we welcome your furballs with open arms, hearts and lawns. Pet parents often choose to stay at villas owing to the freedom of having their pets loiter around, uninterrupted. Not to forget, a place and staff that is pet-friendly in its truest sense.

SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal

3. Breakfast In PJs Are Cool!: Early morning buffet breakfast at a hotel comes with an unspoken rule: you can be groggy but your clothes can’t be. Log kya kahenge? But when you’ve rented a private villa for staycation, you can choose to dress the way you wish to minus any judgmental looks. Breakfast in PJs has a different thrill altogether.

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

4. Personal Touch: A home where the decor has been done by the homeowner. A space where each corner of the home narrates a story. A home where the food is inimitable. A home that has the homeowner’s personality, and it matches yours. A customised set-up that speaks volumes. A staycation at a private villa that is different from the rest.

SaffronStays Parsi Manor, Matheran

5. Spaces, Abundant: From the golden skies that you see from the living room, to the greens that make up for an ideal backdrop… Having a pool party in times of restricted pool usage, and lawns where you can bask in the sun’s glory – what’s not to love about a staycation at a spacious private villa!

SaffronStays Blue Infinitum, Pawna

6. Certainty of Service: When you are at a private villa, there’s no ‘calling for room service’. There are caretakers who anticipate your needs, serve food that suits your taste buds, clean your rooms as per your convenience and maintain a smile and unmatched warmth all through. A service, which, without being overwhelming, takes care of all your needs!

A fully staffed and serviced villa with COVID-19 protocols

7. Unique Experiences: Girls getaway? A detox trip? A cosy cottage with your bae? Or a long-pending reunion? Unlike standard hotel experiences, there’s a private villa for every rhyme and reason. Not to forget, different locations, viz Alibaug, Karjat, and Kamshet come with their own food specialties. From Alibaug’s famous Popti Chicken and veggies to a Farm-to-Table experience at a villa with organic farms, there’s something for everyone. Places where you are served hot, home-cooked meals fresh off the stove.

SaffronStays Constellations Aquila, Khandala

8. Community Space: An intimate gathering with those that matter is all that’s on our list. From a garden to a pool with a river view, for all the missed celebrations, there is a private villa that suits you and (it) beckons you.

SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

9. A Reason To Bond: If, much like us, you’re done with house parties and working out of cafes, a staycation at a private villa is THE respite. Much like how songs bring people together, a villa’s location, experiences and vibe bring people together. In times this uncertain, the certainty of staying at a safe and sanitised private villa is pretty much the common cause and it is all the assurance you need without a worry in the world.

(Psst: They’re also perfect for a corporate offsite. Read more here.)

So, when are you planning your next staycation at a private villa? To know more, explore our homes on www.saffronstays.com.

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