8 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Remodeling A Holiday Home

Remodeling your holiday home has to be one of the best adrenaline rushes out there. Exploring all those gorgeous colour palettes and laminate sheets is a journey of its own. The excitement that comes with pretty colour palettes and fancy laminate sheets is like no other. But slow down, take a breath. As delightful as it is, rushing into a process like this can lead to some mistakes. But we’ve got your back to ensure that that doesn’t happen to you. To make the best use of your time and money, go through this list of common remodeling mistakes one can make and then make sure you give them a wide, wide berth!

1. Not planning a specific vision

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Whether your vacation home is for your family use only or being made available for guests to rent out, it needs to have a unique selling point. Are you going for a simple, minimalist style with muted colours and clean lines? Or a bohemian style with quirky decor that is suited for youngsters? The layout, colours, furniture, lighting and decor should come together to create a signature look. Without it, your home just won’t have that spark you need for a refreshing holiday.

2. Sticking to old appliances

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Keeping your old appliances is tempting. But even if your holiday home is used once in a while, it needs to be up to date. If not, you might waste a lot of your precious off-work time just fixing things. WiFi, for example, is a must-have even during vacations. Ensure you have everyday appliances like microwaves, washing machines and hairdryers, in perfect working condition. It’s also best to opt for machines that are easy to use. Holidays aren’t meant for reading manuals!

3. Making it difficult to clean

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If the first thing you do on reaching your second home is sweep and scrub, then that’s kind of a bummer. Because these getaway homes are used only once in a while, they tend to gather dust. Which is why you should ensure your renovation makes the place easy to clean. Keep all those nooks and crannies easily accessible. Get reliable cleaning tools and definitely hire a caretaker-cum-housekeeper. After all, this is your time to relax.

4. Choosing affordability over durability 

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It may feel nice to pick low-priced tiles and more affordable furniture, but will their prime condition last for years? For a holiday home, you need furnishings that will last for months and years on end, with minimal use/without use and still be in perfect condition. Beachside villas, in particular, need to withstand the salty sea air and sand. Think of remodeling your holiday home as a long term investment. The more you put in, the higher the rewards. Spending on sturdy materials will be more economical in the long run. 

5. Not considering entertaining the people 

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One of the crucial things to consider while redoing a holiday home is the number of people it is meant to A crucial thing to consider while redoing a holiday home is the number of people it is meant to accommodate. Homes for large families can include wide outdoor patios with cushions and fairy lights, whereas homes for couples or small groups should include cosy nooks for intimate talks. The capacity of the home will help you make decisions such as choosing between a macrame swing or a set of lounge chairs.

6. Prioritising style over safety

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Redesigning your home opens up a flow of endless creative ideas. But what you want, may not be what the house needs. So before you install those fancy kitchen appliances, make sure they won’t cause electrical issues. Avoid having too many sharp corners in small spaces. Stay away from pretty bathroom tiles if they are too slippery. Ensure the staircase bannister is not just charming but also strong. Whether it’s for you or any guests you might rent the home out to, safety is your highest priority!

7. Restraining the designer in you

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Your holiday home is where your wildest dreams can come true. Pick the bright colours, mosaic tiles and glitzy ceiling light that you thought would be too much for your home in the city. Go for Portuguese architecture or French balconies. There’s no need to hold back since this house is meant for you to have a good time. At the end of the day, your holiday home should make you feel transported! But make sure it’s not a Jackson Pollock painting brought to life; you should highlight certain areas, and let the others compliment your statement picks.

8. Forgetting to add a touch of luxury

Last but not least, your holiday home should be a place where you can have fun! As beautiful as your house is, it may not be worth it if there isn’t much for a person to do. So while you’re remodeling your holiday home, don’t forget to add in those features that you would love to use on a vacation — karaoke systems, a dance floor with a disco ball, a foosball table, tennis lawn, board games, an outdoor bar by the pool, the list can go on and on.

Keep in mind the goal of the house — to be a place where you can let loose, relax and enjoy. Let that mantra guide you as you renovate your holiday home. All you need to do is avoid making these 8 common mistakes and you won’t go wrong. Let the remodelling begin!

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