8 Essential Tips On Travelling With Kids In North India

SaffronStays The Amlyn, Manali

Traversing long distances and crossing over mountains can seem like an ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no reason young parents with growing kids should miss out on the wonders of North India, with its beautiful landscape and lush greenery. To help you experience a hassle-free holiday, here are 7 tips on travelling with kids in North India! 

1. Prepare A Detailed Itinerary 

SaffronStays Snowdrop, Manali

Kids — excited little humans that they are — do well with detailed plans for the holiday. Knowing what comes next not only helps you anticipate your child’s needs but also helps your child stay prepared. Sudden shocks can be a lot for their tiny minds and if they’re going to be stuck in a car for three hours or if things are suddenly going to get very cold, knowing beforehand minimises the blow. While travelling with kids, it might also be useful to mark out specific activities to do with them. Whether it’s playing board games like Ludo or heading to the lawn for a spot of badminton (both of which are available at SaffronStays Snowdrop), some downtime will be good for you and the kids. 

2. Decide On A Suitable Location

SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, Dehradun

To make sure everybody is happy, consider your kids’ interests to determine your destination. Active kids will enjoy places that offer adventure sports like paragliding, available near SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, or outdoorsy events like camping and trekking. Quieter kids will be happy with a well-furnished home, soft blankets and some books or toys. Try opting for locations with stimulating experiences that they can be involved in, from shopping for souvenirs in vibrant markets to taking photos and visiting child-friendly cafes. If they’re old enough, you can even ask them to choose a place or activity of their liking — bottom line, kids love being involved. 

3. Choose A Rented Villa

SaffronStays Elysian, Dehradun

Opting for a private villa is the best way to ensure a comfortable holiday while travelling with kids. Unlike hotels, villas like SaffronStays The Amlyn have in-house  chefs and functional kitchens at your service, which will ensure that your child will never miss out on their favourite food. The freedom of space and less interaction with  strangers will also bring forth their best moods. While choosing a place to stay, ensure there are open spaces like the wide lawn in SaffronStays Elysian, where kids can run around and play and where you can enjoy a family picnic under the sun. Check for amenities like a special kids’ menu or open spaces for kids’ like the ones available at SaffronStays Maison Calme

4. Carry Appropriate Clothing

SaffronStays The Mont Arcadia, Manali

Weather can have a significant impact on kids, and the gorgeous mountains of North India do come with chilly mornings and frosty winds. Make sure you carry the necessary woollens and shoes that won’t get soaked in snow. Pack scarves and beanie hats into a small backpack to keep them handy on days you are out for sightseeing. And remember, layering is your friend. Instead of putting your child in the warmest attire, use thin t-shirts layered with thicker sweaters. This will make it easier to handle temperature differences when moving from cold hillsides to the heated inside of a car or while indulging in a bonfire right outside your accommodation, a must-have experience at SaffronStays The Mont Arcadia

5. Make A Portable First Aid Kit 

SaffronStays Amaani, Dehradun

At all times, having a small first aid kit on your person is a must. In most cases, your holiday will be smooth like butter. But in the event  your child gets hurt on the rocky terrain or ends up falling sick, your first aid kit will save you the time to search for medical supplies. Some basic items to include while travelling with kids are a thermometer, bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, anti-itch cream, and medicines for fever, stomach bugs, allergies, motion sickness and colds. You can also carry mosquito repellent, depending on the location. Villas like SaffronStays Amaani provide mosquito repellent lamps and nets on the window to keep you comfortable. 

6. Encourage Them To Keep A Travel Diary

SaffronStays El Sueno, Mukteshwar

Travel diaries are a great creative project to get your kids excited about travelling as well as something fun to keep them occupied while you get some downtime. This could be a simple, palm-sized diary, in which the kids could use some coloured pens to write and sketch. Not only will the diary boost their creative thinking, but also help them process what they have seen and learned on vacation. Just like the mesmerising valleys of Uttarakhand that surround SaffronStays El Sueno, there are plenty of stunning scenic views to strike inspiration in this stunning region!

7. Keep On Hand Entertainment 

SaffronStays Hillview, Kasauli

While you may enjoy unwinding in your private villa — like on the charming balconies of SaffronStays Hillview — or watching the scenery on long drives, kids may get easily bored. Young children need stimulation, lest you want to risk a tantrum. What can help? Things like books, favourite toys, and games that fit in your backpack. Downloading games on your phone is an easy solution, but do limit their screen time. Other ways include playing fun music or car games like I-Spy or Name, Place, Animal, Thing. Older kids will enjoy more complex games like spotting all the alphabets on license plates or memory testers!

8. Let Them Pack A Bag

SaffronStays Tragopan, Gushaini

It’s important for your kid to feel like this is their vacation as much as yours. Such ownership and independence can be encouraged by letting them pack a small bag of their own with the things they It’s important for your kid to feel like this is their vacation as much as yours. Such ownership and independence can be encouraged by letting them pack a small bag of their own with the things they want to carry, under your supervision, of course. Add in some necessary items for hygiene, maybe an extra pair of clothes, and your kid’s travel requirements are all in one neat place. Once you reach your accommodation, you can also allow a little nook for them and their things. Villas like SaffronStays Tragopan are spacious enough for the kids to have their own space! You know that prickly excitement you feel when you get your scarves out and pack your essentials? Let your kid feel that too!

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that both you and your kids have a fantastic time on your holiday in North India. You’ll see how travelling with kids can be an exciting, adventurous and fun-filled ride!

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