6 Reasons to Escape the City and Head to the Hills

City life is hard. Wanting to take a break every now and then is natural. But simple day trips don’t give you the breather  that you really need. Head to the mountains for a relaxing vacation where you can truly leave the city behind. Pick a hillside luxury villa and enjoy the pleasure of unwinding in tranquility. Here are six reasons why holidays in the hills are the best way to escape the urban jungle!

SaffronStays Tragopan has a
storybook-like charm
Enjoy a hot cup of chai in the gazebo at
SaffronStays The Garden Grove

1. Thanda, Thanda, Cool, Cool
Cool winds and chill mornings make for top tier vacations. After all, it’s  the best way to enjoy a hot cup of chai. In the scorching summer sun, heading to the plains doesn’t give you much of a respite. Opt for a holiday in North India instead, where the low temperatures will give you a soothing break from the hot and crowded streets of cities. Leave behind sweaty commutes and savour cold mornings in the mountains. Moreover, the cool weather offers a perfect opportunity to break out those sleek jackets and pretty scarves that are at the bottom of your suitcase. Cosy cabins of the north, like SaffronStays Tragopan, have a storybook-like charm that you will love and stylish interiors that will light up your Instagram. You could also enjoy live barbecue nights alongside a blazing bonfire on cold nights at SaffronStays The Garden Grove

Private hilltop villas like SaffronStays Green Gables
offer picturesque views
The glass ceiling at SaffronStays Monarch Manor (Master Suite)
is a perfect spot to enjoy stargazing in the hills

2. Panorama Views Like Nowhere Else
If there’s one thing you will never run out of in the hills, it is the incredible views. While beaches and farmlands come with their own unique charm, there’s nothing quite like the view from a high vantage point in the mountains. From faraway towns that appear as small as lego blocks to panorama shots of hills rolling to the horizon, private hilltop villas like SaffronStays Green Gables offer picturesque views that can’t be found elsewhere. As night falls at SaffronStays Monarch Manor (Master Suite) , the glass ceiling will make it a perfect spot to lay down and enjoy stargazing in the hills. Imagine sipping on coffee, wrapped up in a scarf, standing on a balcony that overlooks forests, lakes and valleys all at once — you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world!

Watch the sun rising over flourishing farms
at SaffronStays El Sueno
SaffronStays Maison Calme allows you
to soak in the grace of Mother Earth

3. Real Jungles Instead Of Concrete Ones
Of course, one of the primary reasons to head up to the hills is to reconnect with nature; to give your eyes a break from those screens and let them feast upon acres and acres of green; to run your hand through leaves and watch the sun rising over flourishing farms, an experience distinct to the cottage-like hillside luxury villa, SaffronStays El Sueno. The natural beauty of holidays in North India never gets boring. You will witness gorgeously rugged mountainsides in Himachal Pradesh, vibrant flower-filled valleys in Uttarakhand, lush forests packed with wildlife and beautiful rivers cascading through them. Mountainside destinations like SaffronStays Maison Calme allow you to pause your busy life and soak in the grace of Mother Earth. 

SaffronStays Amaani has quaint outdoor seating
areas free of dusty roads and smoggy air
Miles of towering trees and extensive greenery
surround SaffronStays El Sueno

4. Much-Needed Break From Pollution
Tired of dusty roads and smoggy air? The higher you go, the cleaner and fresher the air gets, free of pollution. Miles of towering trees and extensive greenery ensure that the air is crisp and fresh, making you feel the same. A few days surrounded by green, litter-free landscapes (no wrappers and plastic bags) will be a refreshing change from your daily routine in the city. SaffronStays El Sueno and SaffronStays Amaani, for example, have quaint outdoor seating areas that are gorgeous and exude positive vibes. As flora and fauna flourish in pollution-free localities, so will you. So if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, choosing a hillside luxury villa is the perfect fit for you. 

SaffronStays Elysian gives you
the ultimate relaxation experience
Enjoy the spellbinding views of the hills
from the outdoor seating at SaffronStays Elysian

5. As Soothing As 100 Hours Of Yoga
Cool temperatures, spellbinding views, natural environments and clean landscapes; put all of these together and what you get is a holiday that gives you the ultimate relaxation experience, even better than a yoga retreat. Those stress lines will simply fade away as you savour the magic of the hills. Chores, deadlines and to-do lists will slip away, leaving your mind to get the rest it deserves. Beauty and tranquillity come hand in hand with a stay at one of our villas in North India. Like SaffronStays Elysian, which sits right outside Dehradun, where the privacy, high-end service and sounds of nature will let you unwind in the way that is best suited for you. 

Paragliding over the valley during
your stay at SaffronStays Snowdrop
Explore the Tibetan markets during your stay
at SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa,

6. Activities And Adrenaline Rushing Opportunities 
While mental peace is a guarantee, a vacation in the highlands also comes with a range of activities. From fun explorations of the locale to adrenaline-pumping sports, you will be pushed to stretch your limbs. Picture yourself paragliding over the valley like a bird or feeling a surge of energy while river rafting in Manali, both of which can be done around SaffronStays Snowdrop. If the time is right, you could even try your hand — or leg — at skiing! At other places like the Dehradun homestay SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, you can check out the cascading waters of Shikhar Falls, explore Tibetan markets or set up for a night of constellation watching in George Everest Park. Whichever part of the hills you are in, you will never run out of exciting activities. 

What more could you ask for from a holiday? Your next paradise-like vacation in the hills is all set and waiting, all you need to do is book!

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