10 Corporate Villas With Perfect Conference Rooms

We know exactly what you need for your next company offsite — peaceful surroundings, a refreshing environment and the perfect spot for boardroom meetings. At SaffronStays you will find villas that satisfy your need for large conference rooms and business-like vibes, but also provide you with a means to escape and take a break. Here are 10 corporate villas with conference rooms where you can do your highest quality of work and your deepest level of unwinding! 

1. SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow, Coorg

Spaciousness: 4BHK

Imagine having business meetings in a sprawling heritage home located in the midst of Karnataka’s lush greenery. This classically-styled, shingled-roof villa is also an eco-friendly zone! Tie in your sustainability goals by choosing an offsite location that uses solar power and recycles plastic. Once your business sessions are over, treat yourself to a session on beekeeping or a tour of the coffee plantation. 

No. of guests: 2-10

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow

2. Sea La Vie, Alibaug

Spaciousness: 3BHK

Looking for a serene spot to discuss your company’s next steps? Choose this gorgeous beachside villa offering large, airy rooms that are ideal for goal-setting sessions. Strong Wi-Fi connections and several plush seating areas allow you to work from any spot of the private home in Alibaug, with the sparkling ocean waves always within sight. If you need to work, why not work with a view? 

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Sea La Vie

3. SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Spaciousness: 4BHK

From the elegant living room adjoining the pool to the terrace with a spectacular view, SaffronStays Gardenia has multiple spots for an offbeat business discussion. Growth, after all, requires new ideas and perspectives. The modern vibe of this corporate villa will push you to reach new horizons while its bonfire and barbecue offerings are right there for you to relish some downtime. 

No. of guests: 8-16

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Gardenia

4. SaffronStays Ocean Breeze, Guhagar

Spaciousness: 7BHK

A vibrant bungalow in Ratnagiri, this massive villa is best suited to large group seminars and board room meetings. This private homestay in the Konkan region has enough space for members of the corporate retreat as well as their spouses. While office work is ongoing, the others can busy themselves with board games, visiting nearby temples or going to Guhagar Beach which is only a short walk away. 

No. of guests: 2-21

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Ocean Breeze

5. SaffronStays Aatman, Mahabaleshwar

Spaciousness: 6BHK

Give your brainstorming sessions and corporate seminars a touch of light and colour by choosing this stunning Mahabaleshwar homestay. The bohemian style of this corporate villa will not only get people comfortable but also encourage them to engage more. The large rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and quirky outdoor seating areas to work from, all create a vibe that will make your offsite the next big thing!

No. of guests: 8-15

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Aatman

6. SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

Spaciousness: 6BHK

Being within two hours away from Mumbai and Pune makes this luxurious Lonavala villa an ideal space for an office retreat. The sleek, high-end interiors bring out the perfect vibe for important conferences and conventions. Simultaneously, the private villa also offers an infinity pool overlooking Lonavala valley for those much-needed hours of relaxation. 

No. of guests: 12-16

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Falcon Hill

7. SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

Spaciousness: 6BHK

If you’re looking for a corporate villa with conference rooms where your party can spend a few days, try out this amazing 6-bedroom villa that will function as your own private resort. While you can spend the day at work in large and elegant rooms, your evenings can be spent recharging your minds at the multipurpose court or with several indoor games. Try out this lakeside villa near Mumbai to make the best of your office retreat!

No. of guests: 8-16

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake

8. SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani

Spaciousness: 3BHK

Nothing says peace and quiet like this dreamy villa hidden in a nook of the hills, with a mesmerizing view of Panchgani valley. All those talks about deadlines and numbers will be easier within the old-world charm of this holiday home. Need to make hard decisions? Just head to the gazebo for the view and a dose of fresh air. Need a break? Parsi Point, Sydney Point and the Bhilar Waterfall are just a few minutes away! 

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Aurelia

9. SaffronStays Vedika, Wada

Spaciousness: 4BHK

This luxury holiday home combines heritage architecture and modern amenities to create the perfect villa for work. Coupled with the surrounding natural beauty, the environment makes it an ideal home for professional events. Bird-watching, butterfly chasing and walks by the far are all great options for breaks between meetings. And what’s more, it’s only a two-hour drive from Mumbai!

No. of guests: 8-10

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Vedika

10. SaffronStays Heritage Waada, Nashik

Spaciousness: 13BHK

Give your colleagues and employees a treat with this one-of-a-kind experience in wine country. You get to enjoy the beauty of a traditional Maharashtrian house — with a central courtyard, verandah and lawn — while also being an active part of your corporate retreat. With a 56 person capacity, SaffronStays Heritage Waada is a great private villa in Nashik for office retreats and work getaways!

No. of guests: 2-56

Book your next board room meeting: SaffronStays Heritage Waada

From dreamy sea-facing villas and holiday homes in the heart of the hills to quiet nature’s retreats amongst farms and orchards, the variety of SaffronStays corporate villas offer something to match every mood and every person. Plan the perfect work retreat today!

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